Axe The Carbon TaxinNova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has a Liberal government led by its premier Stephen McNeil.

Back in 2016, when Justin Trudeau threatened to mandate a carbon tax on the provinces, McNeil appeared to take a strong stand stating, “What I’ve said, the one thing that is not an option for us as a government is a carbon tax, it will not happen in Nova Scotia under my leadership.”

Hurray! Right?

Not so fast.

A little while later, McNeil announced he would indeed impose a carbon tax but in a different form, or disguise if you will. McNeil said Nova Scotia would be introducing a "cap-and-trade" carbon tax.

The "cap-and-trade" carbon tax was announced by McNeil despite the fact that Nova Scotia, as a province, had already met its 2030 emission reduction targets.

Furthermore, a University of Calgary study showed Nova Scotians would be the hardest hit by any carbon tax, costing them on average $1,120.

In February, 2018, Nova Scotia had already set its emission targets for its "cap-and-trade" carbon tax regime.

As of July 2018, however, Nova Scotia had yet to legislate into effect its "cap-and-trade" carbon tax.

But at the summer meeting of the premiers, McNeil reaffirmed his commitment to punish taxpayers with a taxpayers by saying, "We are looking forward to implementing our own internal cap and trade system."

Don't count on Nova Scotia's Liberal government to defend their provincial jurisdiction or the taxpayer.