We won.

The Ontario PC Party is now against a carbon tax.

It took 23 months after Patrick Brown shocked the party's grassroots by announcing he was in favour of a Justin Trudeau style "direct" carbon tax. But now, all three candidates vying to be the next leader of the Ontario PC Party are against Patrick Brown's carbon tax plans.

Doug Ford reiterated his opposition in a tweet by saying "I will axe the carbon tax. Just watch me.”

On Tuesday, Christine Elliott said she was "personally opposed to a carbon tax."

And yesterday, Caroline Mulroney issued a statement saying: “As the leader of our party I will not support a carbon tax." This was a reversal of the position she took just 48 hours earlier, where she indicated support for Patrick Brown's election platform, the People's Guarantee, and his carbon tax.

Robert Benzie described the unanimous opposition to carbon taxes by the three PC leadership candidates as "... vindication for dissident activist Jim Karahalios’ grassroots “Axe the Carbon Tax” movement."

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It was a hard fought year for our campaign.

The Patrick Brown carbon tax war-machine threw everything they had at us.

First, they tried to ignore

Some tried to discredit this campaign as "fringe."

They revoked my PC party membership.

They banned me from the pep rally that they pretended was a "policy convention."

And they tried to silence me, and, by filing a lawsuit against me that got thrown out of court.

But it didn't work.

Thanks to grassroots conservatives, Doug Ford, Christine Elliott, and Caroline Mulroney are all now opposed to Patrick Brown's carbon tax plans.

We won.

Thank you for your continued support.

Jim Karahalios

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Levi Breederland