The Lies Behind Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax

Patrick Brown will say and do anything to protect his carbon tax plan - even deceive his own party members and suspend his party's constitution. 

Brown has decided that PC Party members can only consider one carbon tax policy under his corrupted policy process - through an illegitimate "online vote". And the policy conceals Brown's intentions. I provide it below. 

PC Party policy is to cancel the Liberal slush fund known as the Climate Change Action Plan, dismantle cap-and-trade, and withdraw from the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), and to return 100% of revenues from Trudeau’s Federal carbon pricing benchmark to taxpayers as verified by the Auditor General.

We all know that "Trudeau's Federal carbon pricing benchmark" is code for the same Justin Trudeau style carbon tax that Patrick Brown has already promised to implement. Click here for a reminder. 

But the policy only talks about spending the money generated from that carbon tax. In order for Brown to "return 100% of revenues from ... carbon pricing" he must first COLLECT the revenues from carbon pricing.  And in order to COLLECT the revenues, he has to first implement a Justin Trudeau style direct carbon tax.  

Furthermore, a promise to "return 100% of revenues" is just another way of saying Brown will spend taxpayer money - aka "corporate welfare".  A direct carbon tax is paid for by individual taxpayers and under a so-called "revenue neutral" plan - like the one Brown is promising and that they pretended to have in BC - the taxpayer money generated is then spent on select corporations. 

And this is where the deception lies. By omitting the language that explains that Brown plans to implement a direct carbon tax, Brown is playing his own PC Party members for fools.  

The policy actually doesn't "cancel", "dismantle" or "withdraw" Ontario from any carbon pricing scheme. Instead, the policy calls for replacing the "Liberal slush fund" with a much larger "Patrick Brown Carbon Tax slush fund" generated from Brown's very own direct carbon tax. 

As for mentioning the Auditor General, Ontario taxpayers won't need the Auditor General to tell them they are being taxed more under Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax. And it won't console any taxpayer to have the Auditor General report that Brown has spent all of the money he generated from individual taxpayers on corporate welfare to his friends. Just google the endorsements Brown received during his campaign for PC Party leader to see who might be looking forward to receiving some of that corporate welfare that will be funded by Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax. 

A clear policy in opposing a "cap-and-trade" carbon tax would have read: PC Party policy is to cancel the Liberal slush fund known as the Climate Change Action Plan, dismantle cap-and-trade, and withdraw from the Western Climate Initiative (WCI)!

Now that's a good policy to support! 

PC party members could have also had a chance to vote on a policy that read: PC Party policy is to stop Patrick Brown from implementing a Justin Trudeau style Carbon Tax!

Another great policy! 

Not only is Brown deceiving PC party members with his carbon tax policy, it turns out the entire policy process is a sham too! 

The event in November is being called a "policy convention" to give the impression to PC party members that Brown and the PC party Executive are abiding by the party's constitution that mandates an annual "Policy Conference". Instead, they are charging party members $199 to attend a pep rally where there will be no debating or voting on policy as required under the party's constitution. There will be no policy conference and it is a lie to say otherwise. 

Earlier this week, I co-authored a letter with fellow PC Party member, Kara Johnson, that we sent to the Executive. In the letter we called for an end to egregious violations and the suspension of the Party's constitution by Brown and the Executive.  You can read it by clicking here. 

Under the party's constitution, party members are supposed to be able to put forward policies for debate and a vote at a Policy Conference. Local and regional policy meetings across Ontario resulted in several policies that provided party members with clear questions on carbon taxes.  

But in a report to the party membership by the Executive that is buried deep on the party's website, Brown and the Executive admit they aren't following the party's constitution by stating their policy process is merely "reflecting the process" articulated in the party's constitution and not actually executing the process as articulated in the party's constitution. 

So, before the November pep rally, party members are being allowed to vote on a carefully vetted list of policies. Nothing will happen at the pep rally itself. 

Last week Brown and the Executive added another layer of deception by claiming that Brown now has the power to veto any policy - even though under the constitution Brown has no such power.  

As a member of the PC party, Brown and each member of the Executive have one constitutional obligation - to "uphold the constitution". But instead of being loyal to the party and its constitution, they have decided their loyalty lies with Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax plan. 

In the 2015 during the PC Party's leadership campaign, then-candidate Patrick Brown said: “never again are we going to see a policy platform, out of left field, by a small group at Queen’s Park of 32 on a policy platform committee, that did not listen to the candidates, that did not listen to the grassroots.”  

Little did we know, in 2015, that, in 2017, the imposition of "policy" will be done not by "32 people", but by a committee of one: the Leader, Patrick Brown with his carbon tax! 

Jim Karahalios

P.S. If you are concerned about Patrick Brown's sabotage of the PC party and the suspension of the party's constitution, CLICK HERE and join the movement to Take Back Our PC Party! 

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