The "Age of Unreason" Indeed!

In case you missed it, was in the news just last week. 

Toronto Star columnist Robert Benzie, commented on in a column entitled "Does truth matter in Ontario politics in the Trump era?: Age of Unreason". 


According to Benzie, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's attempts at trying to brand current Ontario PC Party leader Patrick Brown as playing fast and loose with "facts" might be "tricky" considering Brown has "moved his party to the political centre by ... promising a 'revenue-neutral' carbon tax" among other policy positions. Benzie goes on to add:

"[Brown's] acknowledgement that greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change and that human behaviour can and must change to reduce carbon pollution sounds reasonable to those who embrace scienceBut it has caused him trouble with right-wing groups like Axe the Carbon Tax, which oppose such levies on ideological grounds.

Brown’s strategists are as mindful as their Liberal counterparts that in an era when emotion can trump reason they have reason to be wary of getting Trumped.

They have no interest in being lumped in with fringe elements that could cause them trouble with the more reasonable majority."

Now, I know what you're thinking - "what else can you expect from the Toronto Star?" And you are right! 

After all - when I see the Toronto Star trying to paint in an unfavourable light, it just serves as reassurance that we are on the right track! We will wear this shout out from the Toronto Star as a badge of honour! Thank you Robert Benzie! 

But of course we must not stop there in self praise. When a Toronto Star column discussing "facts" in Ontario politics, fails to mention the pertinent "facts" with regards to carbon taxes - we must not remain silent!

Upon reading the column, I immediately remembered the three Ontario polls on carbon pricing that were conducted earlier this year: 1) the Mainstreet Research Poll released in June (click here to read our analysis if you haven't already); 2) the Angus Reid Institute Poll released in July; and 3) the Nanos Research Poll released in February. 

All three of the above polls either showed that the vast majority of Ontario voters were opposed to carbon taxes or showed that a small minority were in favour of carbon taxes. 

The Angus Reid and Nanos polls showed 59% of Ontario voters were against carbon taxes. The Mainstreet Research poll found only 32% were in favour of Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax plan. 

The Toronto Star's comments were the first time I had ever read or heard someone try to refer to 32% of a group as the "reasonable majority" while branding 59% of that group as "the fringe elements". 

But facing the "facts" on carbon taxes is a tough pill to swallow. After all, the "facts" show that carbon taxes do nothing to help the environment let alone reduce carbon dioxide emissions!

Accepting that the strong majority of Ontario voters are against carbon taxes is also a difficult pill to swallow ... just ask Patrick Brown.  That's because when faced with this reality, it becomes clear that being opposed to carbon taxes is actually quite "mainstream"

By contrast, it is actually those that are in favour of carbon taxes that are speaking from an unreasonable position and void of science.  It is these LEFT WING voices advocating for carbon taxes that are the "fringe elements".

If Patrick Brown was interested in moving the Ontario PC Party to the "political centre" he'd be opposed to carbon taxes of any kind and not be advocating for a carbon tax plan that could cost Ontario taxpayers four times as much as Kathleen Wynne's "cap-and-trade" carbon pricing scheme. 

Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax promise is only supported by a small fringe minority of Ontario voters. Unbelievably enough, Brown has forced the Ontario PC Party into a LEFT WING fiscal policy position that is MORE LEFT WING than Kathleen Wynne's "cap-and-trade" carbon pricing scheme.  

The "Age of Unreason" indeed!

Jim Karahalios

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