Tanya Granic Allen Responds to Our Questionnaire

Tanya Granic Allen Responds to the AxeTheCarbonTax.ca Questionnaire for 2018 Ontario PC Leadership Candidates

1. Do you support the party’s future policy processes being conducted in accordance with the party’s constitution which would include holding a properly constituted “policy conference”?

Tanya Granic Allen: Yes. I applaud Axe the Carbon Tax's efforts to expose the policy process implemented by the prior leader which did not give members a chance to vote on his carbon tax scheme. If elected Leader, I will endeavour to further bring these practices to light, including the public release of the actual numbers of “votes” cast as part of the online voting. Moreover, in the future I will work to ensure that the Party executive actually adheres to the Party constitution. I was the only candidate to unconditionally condemn Patrick Brown’s corruption during the first leadership debate and clearly state that he would not be permitted to run under my leadership given his corrupt record. Further, one of my primary motivations for running for leader was the alienation of our Party's grassroots and social conservatives, in particular. My firm commitment to free speech is further evidence that I will ensure that all views are permitted and respected under my leadership. 

2.  As Ontario PC leader and on behalf of the Official Opposition, will you withdraw Patrick Brown’s letter to Justin Trudeau dated October 13, 2016, which congratulated Trudeau on his plans to usurp provincial jurisdiction and impose a federally mandated “carbon price”? I provide the letter and our analysis.

Tanya Granic Allen:  Yes. Unlike Caroline Mulroney, I have been clear in my opposition to a carbon tax since entering the leadership race. I will not introduce a carbon tax and I will withdraw any commitments made by the previous leader to introduce one.

3.  In the next Canadian federal election campaign, as PC leader and hopefully as Premier, will you publicly support Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer and his promise to repeal any federal “carbon price” that Justin Trudeau may end up imposing?

Tanya Granic Allen:  Yes. I oppose a carbon tax 100% and will support any and all efforts to fight Justin Trudeau’s attempts to impose one on Canada’s provinces and territories, including fully supporting Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party of Canada. 

4.  Will you repeal Kathleen Wynne’s “cap-and-trade” carbon tax scheme as soon as you are elected Premier; or only once Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer is elected Canada’s next Prime Minister and repeals any possible federal “carbon price”; or at all?

Tanya Granic Allen:  I will repeal Kathleen Wynne’s cap-and-trade scheme should I be elected Premier, and I will not wait until Justin Trudeau is defeated. 

5.  Will you consider any other policy options to ensure that a federally imposed “carbon price” will not result in any new or increased taxes? For example: taking the federal government to court; repurposing existing gas and diesel taxes; providing a dollar-for-dollar rebate to taxpayers or those specific industries that incur increased taxation as a result; any other such policy options.

Tanya Granic Allen:  I will fight Justin Trudeau in court should he attempt to impose a carbon tax on Ontario. I have also committed, should that court battle be lost, to simply rename the existing provincial gas tax as a carbon tax. I will not raise any existing taxes nor create any new taxes.

6.  Are there circumstances that could change in the future (i.e. Ontario taxpayer affordability improving, the economy improving, etc.) whereby you would consider introducing a "carbon price"?

Tanya Granic Allen: Of the 4 candidates, I was the only public supporter of Jim Karahalios and his campaign to expose the corruption in the Patrick Brown PC Party. I have been a consistent opponent of the carbon tax and I congratulate Jim's Axe the carbon Tax campaign for a great job over the past year. Even though I was a late entrant into this contest, I was the first candidate to declare that the "People's Guarantee" - Patrick Brown's pro-carbon tax platform - was dead. Under my leadership, the PC Party will not ever support any carbon pricing scheme: no to the Wynne "cap-and-trade"; no to a Brown-Trudeau carbon tax; no to whatever Christine Elliott might have in mind for some future time. Simply NO. As for Christine Elliott, I call on her to explain what she meant by her disturbing pro-carbon tax comment. Was her comment a party of a secret deal with the pro-carbon tax Brown? Or is there a more obvious explanation? I would understand if she is exhausted from this campaign and if this led to an honest campaign "gaffe".

Levi Breederland