Patrick Brown: "We Support" Justin Trudeau's Carbon Tax

I can't believe it. 

Patrick Brown has confirmed he won't allow any debate on his "support" of Justin Trudeau's Carbon Tax!

Allison Jones of the Canadian Press reported yesterday that Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax plan will be "off limits" at the PC party's November policy convention. 


In his announcement, Brown said "I think there's a broader understanding in the [PC] party that ... we are going to support carbon pricing as part of the national framework ..."(aka Justin Trudeau's Carbon Tax). 

"We" is what Brown said. Who does he think "we" is? Does Patrick Brown think he is the PC party? Because "we" certainly isn't the grassroots supporters of the PC party of Ontario.  They overwhelmingly oppose Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax. 

For months, I've been hearing from PC party staff who have been telling me that they were working on a solution to Patrick Brown's unpopular carbon tax plan. They told me that party fundraising has dried up because of Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax. PC party staff are deeply concerned Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax will lead to another PC party election loss. "Don't worry Jim" they said. "Get involved in the policy process" is what the PC party's campaign chair said to me. 

And so I did, as well as many other grassroots PC party supporters. We attended local and regional policy meetings. In the Waterloo Region policy meeting, opposition to Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax was overwhelmingly the most popular policy proposal in the room! 

But as Jones reported, it doesn't matter to Patrick Brown that the PC party base has been complaining "privately and publicly through blog posts and websites such as Axe the Carbon Tax" because Brown has promised "he would dismantle the current cap-and-trade program... and instead implement a carbon tax..."
Brown said "Now that I'm the leader of the party I can much (more) clearly speak from my own heart...Rather than criticize the fact that opinions have evolved, we should celebrate it." 


How can we celebrate the idea that Patrick Brown is doing what he promised he wouldn't do - drag the entire PC party into an election campaign demoralized because of an unpopular and ill-considered policy promise imposed on the grassroots from the top down. 

Instead of letting PC party members have their say, Patrick Brown's war on his own grassroots PC party supporters rages on while he chooses to act as a mouthpiece for Justin Trudeau's Carbon Tax. 

Brown once promised a PC party policy process that would be the "largest, most inclusive policy development process ever undertaken in the country", but its clearly a sham, a farce, and simply smoke and mirrors. 

Well, enough is enough. We must stop Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax! We need to Take Back Our PC Party

CLICK HERE to join the movement and help us trigger an EMERGENCY Special General Meeting of the PC Party. 

Once you complete the online form, we will email you the petition. I need you to sign the petition and mail it to: Take Back Our PC Party, PO Box 40031 Dupont PO, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1V0

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The Ontario PC Party constitution has a mechanism that allows for an EMERGENCY Special General Meeting to be called if one third of riding associations petition for one. We are well on our way with hundreds of petitions in hand. 

At a Special General Meeting we can fight back against Patrick Brown's war against grassroots PC Party supporters and stop Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax!

Jim Karahalios

Levi Breederlandontario