Kathleen Wynne & Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax: Ontarians say "No thanks!"

It’s official: Ontarians do not support "putting a price on carbon".


Last month Mainstreet Research released an Ontario public opinion poll, and the findings were not surprising. The poll does not bode well for either Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne's current "cap-and-trade" system or Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown's carbon tax proposal.

The good news in the poll for Kathleen Wynne is that her cap-and-trade system is largely popular among her own Liberal voters. On the other hand, Patrick Brown's carbon tax proposal is found to be opposed by his own party's supporters, with up to a third going so far to suggest they are "less likely" to vote for their own Ontario PC Party come next election. 

So while the poll results find that both versions of carbon pricing are unpopular, Wynne’s version does not appear to be endangering the electoral support she has from her own Liberal party voters, while Brown’s carbon tax proposal is highly controversial and unpopular amongst his own PC Party voters. This could be a big problem for Brown.

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Jim Karahalios