Karahalios Statement Re PCPO v Karahalios

Statement from Jim Karahalios Regarding PCPO v. Karahalios

I would like to thank PC leader Vic Fedeli for his work in leading our party out of this dark period in its history. I would also like to thank the thousands of supporters of the campaigns Axe the Carbon Tax and Take Back Our PC Party for their support during this process.

Elections that decide our political representatives should always be fair, transparent and democratic. Anything short of this, is and should always be unacceptable.  

During their tenure leading the Ontario PC Party, reports have suggested that Patrick Brown and Rick Dykstra abused their power to collude and allow PC candidates to be selected through illegitimate and undemocratic means. If true, this would be a deliberate violation of their obligation as PC Party members to uphold the party constitution. The Brown-Dykstra era was a disgrace to our party and shall serve as a black mark on the PC Party's history. 

The numerous individuals who were robbed of PC nominations - either by being disqualified without due process, as a result of voting irregularities, or as a result of some other deceit - suffered a gross injustice that should never be permitted in our democracy.

The Take Back Our PC Party campaign was in response to the frontier injustice that these individuals suffered. The lawsuit that was launched against me was in response to the Take Back Our PC Party campaign. To my knowledge, it was the first time a political party in Canada has sued a private citizen.

Since then, I am happy to see that two PC nominations have recently been re-opened. This is a good first step. 

In order to restore integrity in our PC Party and put us in the best position to defeat Kathleen Wynne's Liberal Government, it is fundamental and necessary that all PC nominations be re-opened that were not determined in an "open, public and democratic" fashion and in accordance with the PC Party constitution and the Ontario Election Act. 

Jim Karahalios



Levi Breederland