Doug Ford's carbon plan is a carbon copy of Trudeau's carbon tax.

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Doug Ford’s Backdoor Carbon Tax is a Carbon Copy

TORONTO – Ontario Premier Doug Ford is set to implement his own carbon tax this summer and Ontarians need to know it will cost them. 

To educate Ontarians about Doug Ford’s carbon tax flip flop, Axe The Carbon Tax is launching a TV and billboard advertising campaign in the Greater Toronto Area to let Ontarians know his “carbon plan” is a carbon copy of Justin Trudeau’s federal plan that will cost all of us.
“Does Doug Ford even know what he’s about to do by implementing a carbon tax he claims to adamantly oppose? The way he talks about carbon taxes and spends tax dollars on advertising suggests he does not have a clue that his own plan is a carbon copy of Justin Trudeau's carbon tax. Carbon taxes increase the cost of everything, and Doug Ford’s carbon copy of Trudeau’s carbon tax will be no different,” said Jim Karahalios, founder of Axe The Carbon Tax.

Watch our TV spot on CP24 by clicking below.

While Doug Ford campaigned on scrapping the carbon tax and Kathleen Wynne’s “cap and trade” system, his own plan - “Making Polluters Accountable: Industrial Emission Performance Standards” - is just fancy talk for making you pay more. Making matters worse, he’s spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars on advertising trying to trick the people of Ontario into thinking that as Premier he will not implement any carbon tax – which is not the case.

Axe The Carbon Tax is a campaign opposed to carbon taxes and educates working Canadians on the costly facts of carbon taxes and to encourage grassroots activism across Canada on this issue. You might remember that the campaign and its founder, Jim Karahalios, was sued by Ontario PC Party under its previous leader Patrick Brown in what a judge ruled was “strategic litigation against public participation” – a lawsuit that Axe the Carbon Tax and Jim Karahalios won.  Karahalios was also barred from the PC Party policy convention in 2018 and had his membership revoked over the Axe the Carbon Tax campaign. 

Shortly after Karahalios beat the PC Party in court, the PC Party had a leadership race that was dominated by the themes of Karahalios’s campaigns.   Ford capitalized on the widespread support among PC members for the Axe The Carbon Tax pledge by promising to oppose carbon taxes of any kind. Now he has betrayed that promise by bringing in a carbon tax of his own.


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Gardner Expressway Billboard:

Catch the billboard on the Gardner at Dufferin street facing east.

Catch the billboard on the Gardner at Dufferin street facing east.

Contact: Jim Karahalios | 519.498.3082