Christine Elliott Responds to our Questionnaire

Christine Elliott Responds to the Questionnaire

1.  Do you support the party’s future policy processes being conducted in accordance with the party’s constitution which would include holding a properly constituted “policy conference”?

Christine Elliott: I believe all party members should have not only a role in our policy development but a vote on every policy we are putting forward as a party.

2.  As Ontario PC leader and on behalf of the Official Opposition, will you withdraw Patrick Brown’s letter to Justin Trudeau dated October 13, 2016, which congratulated Trudeau on his plans to usurp provincial jurisdiction and impose a federally mandated “carbon price”?I provide the letter and our analysis.

Christine Elliott:  Yes. From travelling the province and listening to our members what is clear is that our members were not properly consulted throughout the policy process.  Had they been we would never have committed to a carbon tax and certainly wouldn’t have commended Justin Trudeau on trying to force one on Ontario.                          

3.  In the next Canadian federal election campaign, as PC leader and hopefully as Premier, will you publicly support Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer and his promise to repeal any federal “carbon price” that Justin Trudeau may end up imposing?

Christine Elliott:  Yes.  As I have said throughout this campaign, I will work with Andrew Scheer, Jason Kenney and Scott Moe to ensure Justin Trudeau does not force this tax increase on the people of Ontario who are already struggling.

4.  Will you repeal Kathleen Wynne’s “cap-and-trade” carbon tax scheme as soon as you are elected Premier; or only once Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer is elected Canada’s next Prime Minister and repeals any possible federal “carbon price”; or at all? 

Christine Elliott:  I will not be waiting to deliver my promise to provide relief to Ontario businesses and families. Cap-and-trade goes right away. 

5.  Will you consider any other policy options to ensure that a federally imposed “carbon price” will not result in any new or increased taxes?For example: taking the federal government to court; repurposing existing gas and diesel taxes; providing a dollar-for-dollar rebate to taxpayers or those specific industries that incur increased taxation as a result; any other such policy options?

Christine Elliott:  Yes. We will explore all policy options at our disposal to guarantee Ontarians will not face another tax. Justin Trudeau doesn’t get to tell us what to do in Ontario and I will fight him every step of the way. 

6.  Are there circumstances that could change in the future (i.e. Ontario taxpayer affordability improving, the economy improving, etc.) whereby you would consider introducing a "carbon price"?

Christine Elliott: Absolutely not. I have been clear no party I lead or government I form will put a carbon tax forward. I will stand with our colleagues Andrew Scheer, Scott Moe, and Jason Kenney to fight Justin Trudeau's attempt to force a carbon tax on the people of Ontario.

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