Can we trust Patrick Brown?

Patrick Brown's promise to bring in a Justin Trudeau style “carbon tax” is a recipe for yet another Ontario PC Party election disaster.


Remember the promise to cut 100,000 jobs? Remember “faith-based school funding”? Remember the bitter taste of losing to the McGuinty – Wynne Liberals in elections that the PC Party should have won?

Well, it’s happening again. 

 “Never again are we going to see a policy platform out of left field, by a small group at Queen’s Park…that did not listen to the candidates, that did not listen to the grassroots”, thundered Patrick Brown during the last PC Party leadership debate in 2015. 

Then, after being elected leader, Brown did just that. Patrick Brown’s Carbon Tax plan came out of left field, drafted by a small clique at Queen’s Park, without listening to the grassroots. Two flip-flops for the price of one, one might say: a flip-flop on Brown’s leadership promise to oppose all forms of carbon taxes, and an additional  flip-flop that “never again” would a PC leader stick the party with a losing policy.

To make matters worse, just last October, Brown outlined his Carbon Tax plan in detail in an open letter to Justin Trudeau. Brown starts the letter with the words “We both agree…” ‎Click here to read the letter and my commentary.


For a while, some party “insiders” were trying to alleviate my fears by saying we could “work from the inside” to overcome this disastrous Patrick Brown Carbon Tax plan.

They pointed to the PC Party’s policy process wherein party president Rick Dykstra had asked riding presidents to hold policy meetings with party members and submit policies for consideration for the party’s policy “convention” this coming November. This was to be our chance to “send a message” to party headquarters.

To my knowledge, exactly one regional policy meeting was held just outside of Kitchener, and a further riding meeting of members was held in Cambridge. At both of these meetings, the most popular policy proposal was one calling on our party to oppose “all forms of carbon taxes". The PC Party members in attendance at those meetings were looking forward to the November policy "convention", so they could send Patrick Brown a message to Axe the Carbon Tax!

But recently, I have started hearing there were virtually NO OTHER regional policy meetings held in Ontario and that there were NO OTHER riding level policy meetings held with party members.    

Now, there are even rumours that the November policy "convention" that Patrick Brown promised, is going to end up being just a sort of rally, and the next election campaign platform is already being written by a handful of individuals.

A “rally” instead of a policy convention sounds a lot like an attempt to silence the grassroots in their opposition to Patrick Brown’s Carbon Tax plan.

As loyal PC Party members, we cannot stand idly and watch our PC Party lose in 2018 because of Patrick Brown’s Carbon Tax plan – a policy that has almost no support within the party.

I need your help. Did your local PC Party riding have a policy meeting with its members? Did your local PC Party riding association submit a policy resolution regarding the carbon tax?

It is our duty to make sure that the Ontario Liberal Party DOES NOT WIN … AGAIN.   

But, if we allow our party to campaign in the 2018 election on Patrick Brown’s Carbon Tax plan, it will result in yet another defeat for our party.

Jim Karahalios