Brian Pallister calls the Brad Wall approach to fighting carbon taxes "misguided"!

Last week, teamed up with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, and the Canadian Wheat Growers Association to form the Manitobans Against Carbon Taxes Coalition.

I joined our Coalition partners at the front of the Manitoba legislature to launch our campaign. 

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You might remember that back in March, informed thousands of Manitobans about the government’s online Carbon Tax Survey. 

And while it appears that the response of Manitobans to the Manitoba government's Carbon Tax Survey and to public opinion polls on the issue, may have helped to keep the carbon tax out of the March 2017 Manitoba budget ... it doesn't seem that the Manitoba government fully got the message.  

Just 24 hours after urging him to be more like Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall (in fighting the Justin Trudeau Carbon Tax) and less like Ontario PC Party Leader Patrick Brown (who is advocating for a carbon tax), Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister called our campaign "misguided". Click here to read it for yourself!

Can you believe it? Calling the Brad Wall approach to fighting carbon taxes "misguided"?

That is why opponents of a carbon tax in Manitoba and across Canada cannot let up. 

Help us fight the introduction of the predatory carbon tax in Manitoba by joining our campaign and spreading the word:

1.   Be an advocate by letting your friends and family know!

2.   Email Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister's office at or call him at 204-945-3714 and let him know that he should be fighting to Axe the Carbon Tax!

3. Consider chipping in with a contribution of your choosing, so that we can reach and engage more people across the province and across Canada! 

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Jim Karahalios

Levi Breederlandontario