A Mouthpiece for Justin Trudeau's "Revenue Neutral" Carbon Tax Lie ... from the Yukon and ... ?

Justin Trudeau's "revenue neutral" carbon tax is a lie. Yet, it keeps being peddled by governments and politicians at all levels.  Now, it's the Yukon government's turn to be the mouthpiece for Justin Trudeau.

The Yukon News reports that officials from Justin Trudeau's federal Liberal government were in Whitehorse on August 17 and 18 to hold closed-door, secret meetings, on the carbon tax, with the territory's government representatives.


A federal spokesperson said media were not allowed to attend the meetings because “not all participants are necessarily comfortable with their comments being on the public record, and we want to elicit frank and open comment on carbon pricing in the Yukon.”

Can't believe it? Well, it gets better.

Following these closed-door, secret meetings, the Yukon Liberal government (it's premier being Sandy Silver) emerged a few days later to share its definition of "revenue neutral".

Apparently, when the Yukon government calls the territory’s carbon tax “revenue neutral”, it means the territory will return all revenues to Yukoners, but not that every Yukoner will get back exactly what they paid.

A cabinet spokesperson was quoted as saying: “The revenue neutral that I refer to in (saying) revenue neutral is for the Yukon government, meaning we’re not going to keep the money.”

In other words, the same Yukon government that is saying that the price of gas will increase by 11.63 cents because of a carbon tax, is also telling taxpayers not to worry, because the government doesn't plan on making any money. Instead, the Yukon government is determined to SPEND ALL of that money on the taxpayers behalf.

Aaron Wudrick, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, said it best, when he said that this definition of "revenue neutral" means that "every tax in Canadian history would be considered revenue neutral."

I don't know what's worse: that Justin Trudeau is trying to fool taxpayers with this political spin; or that there are actually political leaders signing up to be Justin Trudeau's mouthpiece by accepting and reciting these nonsense talking points, on demand.

Let's look at some examples of government spending that would be considered "revenue neutral" under this definition.

Remember the federal Liberal government's sponsorship scandal? Millions of taxpayer dollars were supposedly "spent" to hire marketing businesses. Well, that money instead went to Liberal friendly firms for doing nothing.  Some of the money even went all the way back to the Liberal Party as donations. But nothing to worry about - it was all "revenue neutral" for the federal Liberal government.

How about British Columbia's carbon tax? In BC, taxpayer money generated from a carbon tax is being "spent" to give filmmakers and movie stars tax credits. Not a problem I guess - because it is all "revenue neutral" for the BC government!

And how about Kathleen Wynne's decision to give a $14,000 subsidy to every single person who buys a luxury Tesla - each costing between $75,000 to $150,000? We can all sleep easy knowing that Kathleen Wynne is spending all of that taxpayer money ... and then some!

The sad part is, it isn't just Liberal Party politicians who are jumping at the chance to be mouthpieces for Justin Trudeau's "revenue neutral" carbon tax lie. Case in point, Ontario PC Party leader Patrick Brown.

Brown has been bragging about a "revenue neutral" carbon tax for well over a year now, ever since he wrote Justin Trudeau a letter commending him for announcing a "similar policy" to the one Brown had been advocating for - "a revenue neutral price on carbon".

Brown wants taxpayers to know that his plan to replace Kathleen Wynne's "cap-and-trade" carbon tax with his more expensive "direct" carbon tax - that could cost taxpayers four times as much - is actually good news. His justification? Brown plans on SPENDING ALL of that money ... on some businesses of his choosing ... in the form of rebates.

What's next? Will Patrick Brown tell us that donations to the Ontario PC Party are "revenue neutral" because the money is being used to hire a Bay street criminal lawyer to represent the party in police probes over a fraudulent nomination? That should surely result in a spike in donations to the Ontario PC Party! 

Taxpayers know best how to "make" money.

And taxpayers know best how to "spend" their money.

The "revenue neutral" carbon tax lie is not an environmental plan, it's a plan for wealth redistribution.

And any politician - whether standing next to an orange, red, or blue sign - who is willing to be a mouthpiece for Justin Trudeau and peddle such a sinister hoax on the taxpayer, must be held to account.

Jim Karahalios


P.S. If you want to let the Yukon government know your thoughts on their "revenue neutral" carbon tax lie, you can send them an email at climatechange@gov.yk.ca.

Levi Breederland