2018 PC Leadership Questions

To: Tanya Allen, Patrick Brown, Christine Elliott, Doug Ford, Caroline Mulroney

Axe the Carbon Tax Questions for the 2018 Ontario PC Leadership Candidates

Date: Saturday, February 24th, 2018

On February 10th, 2018, three PC leadership candidates: Christine Elliott, Doug Ford, and Caroline Mulroney, signed a three part “No Carbon Tax Pledge” proposed by the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation. This was a good first step. Since then, two more candidates have entered the PC leadership race: Tanya Allen and former PC leader Patrick Brown.

During his campaign launch, Patrick Brown again repeated his lie that the People’s Guarantee (and by virtue its corner stone promise to implement a Justin Trudeau style “direct” carbon tax), is an election platform that “comes from the grassroots” that “the grassroots built.” As I have previously reported, the party’s 2017 policy process was corrupted and conducted in deliberate violation of the party’s constitution for two main reasons:

  1. Brown and his PC Executive illegitimately declared that he could “veto” any policy idea approved by party members. Following this, Brown denied party members the right to vote on any proposals in opposition of his carbon tax plan by deeming them “off-limits”; and

  2. The party constitution mandates a properly constituted in person “policy conference” and does not allow for an online vote as a replacement. In addition, rumours suggest that less than 4% of party members participated in this illegitimately substituted online vote.

The “top-down” imposition of his carbon tax plan is the direct opposite of what Patrick Brown said he would do if elected leader in 2015.

Below we present five questions on carbon taxes and the party’s policy process. Our supporters are seeking further clarity on each of your positions. We will submit these questions to the party for possible inclusion in the upcoming PC Leadership Debate in Ottawa scheduled for February 28th, 2018. Should any of you wish to provide answers to these questions, we would be happy to share your responses with our supporters.

Thank you in advance,

Jim Karahalios


Axe The Carbon Tax Questions for the 2018 Ontario PC Leadership Candidates

  1. Do you support the party’s future policy processes being conducted in accordance with the party’s constitution which would include holding a properly constituted “policy conference”?

  2. As Ontario PC leader and on behalf of the Official Opposition, will you withdraw Patrick Brown’s letter to Justin Trudeau dated October 13, 2016, which congratulated Trudeau on his plans to usurp provincial jurisdiction and impose a federally mandated “carbon price”? I provide the letter and our analysis below.

  3. In the next Canadian federal election campaign, as PC leader and hopefully as Premier, will you publicly support Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer and his promise to repeal any federal “carbon price” that Justin Trudeau may end up imposing?

  4. Will you repeal Kathleen Wynne’s “cap-and-trade” carbon tax scheme as soon as you are elected Premier; or only once Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer is elected Canada’s next Prime Minister and repeals any possible federal “carbon price”; or at all?

  5. Will you consider any other policy options to ensure that a federally imposed “carbon price” will not result in any new or increased taxes? For example: taking the federal government to court; repurposing existing gas and diesel taxes; providing a dollar-for-dollar rebate to taxpayers or those specific industries that incur increased taxation as a result; any other such policy options.

Levi Breederland