Jim Karahalios

Jim Karahalios


jim_k.jpgMy wife and I live in Cambridge, Ontario, with our baby boy.  

I completed my law degree at the University of Ottawa and was called to the bar in 2008.  I also completed a Bachelor's Degree (with a specialty in environmental engineering) and Master's Degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto.  

I have been a small business owner, managed businesses and worked as corporate counsel.

I served two terms as an elected member of the Conservative Party of Canada's National Policy Committee. I have also served as president of federal riding associations, managed local campaigns, and have provided policy and communications advice to both candidates standing for election and elected representatives.

Public policy matters a great deal to me. 

I am an outspoken advocate for the grassroots and believe in defending the taxpayer.

In February of 2017, I made the decision that I could no longer pursue running in the nomination to be the Ontario PC Party candidate for my riding because of Ontario PC Party Leader Patrick Brown's continued and enthusiastic support for the imposition of a carbon tax in Ontario - a decision I believe is against the will of our party's membership. Click here to read my letter to supporters. 

As can be seen by his letter to Canadian Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Patrick Brown has become a vocal advocate for carbon taxes. This is in stark contrast to his record as a federal Member of Parliament and in his statements while running for the leadership of the Ontario PC Party. You can read more on Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown's flip-flop on carbon taxes by clicking here.  

The feedback I have received has shown me that there are others across Canada, who, like me, are opposed to carbon taxes and need to be heard. This national campaign belongs to them. 

Together we can Axe the Carbon Tax! 

Jim Karahalios

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