Doug ford’s carbon plan:

a “Carbon copy” of trudeau’s carbon tax


In the summer of 2019, Doug Ford’s carbon plan will come into effect in Ontario. Shockingly, it’s a carbon copy of Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax! And some say it may be even costlier than the Trudeau carbon tax! Read more about the plan below.

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You might find this hard to believe.

After all, Doug Ford won the Ontario PC Party leadership and the Ontario general election on a single promise to “Scrap the Carbon Tax.” As Premier, Ford did abolish the “cap-and-trade” carbon tax in Ontario.

But a short while later, Doug Ford proposed a carbon tax of his own to replace “cap-and-trade.”

Doug Ford never said he would “replace” the Trudeau carbon tax - he said he would “scrap” it.

But replacing “cap-and-trade” with a carbon tax of his own is exactly what he has proposed. While doing this, Ford and his Environment Minister Rod Phillips are spending millions of taxpayer dollars to pretend to fight the Trudeau carbon tax in court and on television in order to give the impression to voters that he is unequivocally against a carbon tax. Clearly he is not.

Doug Ford and his pro-carbon tax Environment Minister, Rod Phillips, quietly revealed their regulatory plan that will see a carbon price (aka carbon tax) applied to all industries in Ontario.

The plan is called “Making Polluters Accountable: Industrial Emission Performance Standards.”

Click here to read the plan it its entirety.

Although they don’t use the words “carbon tax” or “carbon price” in the title, rest assured that is exactly what it is. The title of the plan is just a fancy new disguise and code for a carbon tax.

Doug Ford is imposing his carbon tax through regulation. Unlike legislation, a regulation doesn’t have to be tabled and voted on at Queen’s Park. A regulation can be created and applied completely by the cabinet minister in charge of the government file - that being Rod Phillips.

Now, you might be wondering why haven’t you heard about this before.

Well, Doug Ford has used taxpayer dollars on fancy advertising blitzes against Justin Trudeau’s federal carbon tax plan. And the media have mainly focused on this.

But there are some people who have noticed Doug Ford’s carbon tax plan.

Mark Cameron - a pro-carbon tax advocate who now works for Alberta Premier Jason Kenney as an Alberta government Deputy Minister of Policy Coordination - praised Doug Ford’s plan.

Cameron said Doug Ford’s carbon plan was “exactly the same” as Justin Trudeau’s national carbon tax plan.

We didn’t want to take Mark’s word for it. So we went ahead and reviewed the plan for ourselves.

Below we’ve identified the top 10 aspects of Doug Ford’s carbon plan that confirm it is a carbon tax and why Mark Cameron referred to it as “exactly the same” as Justin Trudeau’s national carbon tax plan.

  1. Unlike the province of Saskatchewan that has refused to sign on to Trudeau’s Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change (which gave birth to Justin’s carbon tax), Doug Ford’s carbon plan keeps Ontario as a signatory to that agreement and the Paris Accord.

  2. Doug Ford’s plan agrees to commit Ontario to reducing its emissions by 30% by 2030 - the same arbitrary target that Justin Trudeau agreed to at the Union Nation’s climate-change conference in Paris back in 2015 where the Paris Accord was created.

  3. Doug Ford has proposed his carbon plan as a replacement to Part 2 of Trudeau’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (GGPPA). Part 2 of the Act is called the “output-based pricing system” which makes up Trudeau’s carbon tax for industry.

  4. Doug Ford’s carbon plan seeks to set out “standards” for industries in Ontario including: cement, chemical sectors, electricity generation, food sectors, industrial, food and fuel ethanol, metal tubes and steel, lime, metal from mining or milling of ore, mineral products, natural gas liquids, natural gas transmission pipelines, non-ferrous metal smelting, refining, petroleum refineries, oil-seeds processing, pulp and paper, upstream oil extract and upgrading, vehicle manufacturing.

  5. Doug Ford’s plan would make companies in all of these industries pay a fee to the government if their operations exceed the Ontario government’s arbitrary “standards.”

  6. Doug Ford’s plan will make it mandatory for all facilities that emit over 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year to comply with Ontario government “standards” and for now, facilities that emit over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per year will be asked to voluntarily report their emissions to government. To better understand how many businesses this will impact, the Government of Canada (in its Greenhouse Gas Database) has identified more than 1400 facilities in Ontario that emit over 25,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

  7. Doug Ford’s plan will create a bureaucratic burden on industry by mandating the reporting of emissions by businesses so that they can be tracked by government.

  8. Doug Ford’s plan will charge companies in all of the above industries a rate of $20 / tonne if they exceed the imposed Ontario government “standards.” This amount will rise by $10 / tonne of CO2 every year until reaching $50 / tonne. This is in lock step with the proposed carbon pricing that Justin Trudeau wants to impose on all provinces.

  9. Doug Ford’s plan will generate $400 million in revenue for government coffers and then increase every year thereafter eventually generating over $800 million for the Ontario government.

  10. Doug Ford’s plan will collect this revenue from industry and then recycle it back to certain select companies (corporate welfare) through a so called “Carbon Trust Fund.”

All of the above confirms one thing - Doug Ford’s carbon plan is a CARBON COPY of Trudeau’s carbon tax.

The Ontario government’s television ads criticizing Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax make the claim that their carbon plan will make “polluters” accountable.

But don’t be fooled.

The cost of Doug Ford’s carbon plan will be shouldered by Ontario consumers who will see these costs passed down by businesses in the above industries as part of the price of the goods and services that are purchased.

Industry, on the other hand, may be able to generate revenue from this scheme because while they are passing down the cost of compliance for Doug Ford’s carbon plan to consumers, they will be in line to possibly receive government handouts from Doug Ford’s “Carbon Trust Fund.”

There is a real cost to Ontario residents as a result of Doug Ford’s hidden carbon tax plan.

And some reports have already tabulated some of those estimates. We will report on that later. Be sure to join our email list at

Doug Ford doesn’t want to tell Ontario consumers what the cost of his carbon tax plan will be. He thinks Ontario voters will never figure it out.

It is our job to make sure we oppose carbon taxes, in any form and by any disguise, regardless of the political party pushing them.

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