CPC Leadership Race

CPC Leadership Race


Andrew Scheer

New Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

"It is economic madness to impose a new tax on Canada's economy. It's economic madness when other countries around the world are abandoning the idea of a carbon tax. We need to fight this."



Other Candidates


Andrew Saxton against carbon taxes:

"As prime minister of Canada, I will axe the [carbon] tax." 

Finished 13th


Maxime Bernier against carbon taxes:

"Carbon pricing is not a market-based solution." 

"I'm fighting carbon taxes every step of the way."


Finished 2nd


Brad Trost against carbon taxes:

“When I become prime minister, the war on oil and gas and coal is over. No carbon tax, no cap-and-trade, no over-the-top regulation. We don’t need to concentrate on climate change. It’s more of a political issue than a scientific issue.”

Finished 4th


Chris Alexander spoke against carbon taxes at two anti-carbon tax rallies in Alberta. 

Finished 10th


Deepak Obhrai:

"Carbon Tax is not a solution for Canada."


Finished 14th


Erin O'Toole against carbon taxes:

"It’s not the answer. It’s actually lazy public policy. It won’t benefit the environment. It will break the backs of families who are already struggling.”

Finished 3rd


Kellie Leitch against carbon taxes:

"Under no circumstances will I support or introduce a national carbon tax as Prime Minister and if Justin Trudeau introduces one, I will eliminate it."

Finished 6th


Lisa Raitt against carbon taxes:

"Any federal tax or policy measure that forces increased taxes on gasoline, home heating, manufacturing, and industrial jobs will be repealed."

Finished 8th


Michael Chong IN SUPPORT of carbon taxes:

"If we are going to win the next election we need to have a credible position to reduce emissions. If we do not have a credible plan to reduce emissions, we will lose."


Finished 5th


Pierre Lemieux against carbon taxes:


"Taxes kill jobs. They make it more expensive for employers to do business and make it more difficult for families to put food on the table. And a carbon tax is the worst of them all."

Finished 7th


Rick Peterson against carbon taxes:

“Kill it! A carbon tax is a job destructor here in Canada."

Finished 12th


Steve Blaney against carbon taxes:

“A tax is a tax is a tax.”

Finished 9th


Kevin O'Leary against carbon taxes:

Any provincial government that wants to impose a carbon tax under the O’Leary government will simply have it removed from their transfer payment.

Finished 11th