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Columnist Anthony Furey interviews Jim Karahalios of

Anthony Furey is a great columnist and radio show host. He hosted Jim Karahalios on National Post Radio to talk about the Axe the Carbon Tax campaign. Furey said about Karahalios "I admire your principled stand..." and "I ... appreciate your efforts". Listen below to the full interview.

Patrick Brown's Carbon Tax = Game Over

Patrick Brown says conservatives who call a carbon tax a "tax on everything" need to "EVOLVE AND MATURE"! And when asked why he's changed his position from his days as a federal Conservative MP he says that as leader of the Ontario PC Party "you are able to speak...freely...exactly as you feel". WATCH AND SHARE our Sonic the Hedgehog crossover of Patrick Brown's carbon tax!

Justin Trudeau & Patrick Brown - "putting a price on carbon"

WATCH: Justin Trudeau and Patrick Brown advocate "putting a price on carbon"; a third politician tells us exactly what that means.



The Carbon Tax Flip Flop by Patrick Brown

Watch as current Ontario PC Party leader, Patrick Brown, flip flops...again... this time on a Carbon Tax!



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David Reevely: Patrick Brown’s support for carbon tax causing rift between Ontario and federal Tories

Jim Karahalios of Axe the Carbon Tax in the National Post: How can I follow my conservative values, my federal party — and good old fashioned common sense — by opposing the carbon tax at the federal level, and yet at the same time join a campaign to peddle a cynical carbon tax hoax on Ontario taxpayers at the provincial level?